2019《 Nick The Lost Robot 》Illustration Book 心靈勵志繪本【迷失的機器人-力克】
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​ 簡介

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The character is originated from the first illustration book 《Nick - the Lost Robot》by upcycle artist Orson Li, hoping that everyone learns to “Appreciate Life In Challenging Environment” and master "Dream, Belief, Time and Imagination”, the four elements of life, in order to creating an extraordinary life and change the world for the better. Nick, a loving robot with imagination, lived in an antique shop with owner Alice. After the Alice passed away, Nick with its best friend orchid seedling repaired the time machine and escaped from the future world of darkness,. Nick reunites with Alice in childhood and happily explores the colourful world together.


授權角色力克源自摺鋁藝術家李浩迅 Orson Li 首本心靈勵志繪本《迷失的機器人-力克》,希望大家可以學懂「感激生命中的逆境」和掌握「夢想、信念,時間和想像力」人生四大元素,改寫人生。故事口號為「展現真我色彩」,鼓勵大家尊重每個人的獨特性,學懂保存自我價值。作者希望透過生命教育為世界帶來正能量。力克,一個充滿愛和想像力的機器人與主人愛麗絲在古董店生活。主人年老病逝後,力克與好友小花苗修復時光機逃離灰色的未來世界,並與童年的愛麗絲重逢,一起探索彩色世界的各種美好事物。

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李浩迅 Orson Li


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“ What’s Your Dream? ”

I believe everyone had a dream when he or she was young. My dream was like a robot companion in childhood igniting my wildest imagination. I followed my dream to thrive from an origami enthusiast as a child to an artist of folding metal. I named my robot Nick, with a crack on its chest symbolised the sacrifice of time for chasing dream. Some stages in my life, I was lost and disconnected with Nick. I was uncertain about the value and meaning of life, but Nick had found me again and encouraged me to hold on to my belief. I was enlightened once again to show my true colours and wrote a book about the 4 elements of life: Dream, Belief, Time, and Imagination, and named the book 《 Nick - the Lost Robot 》.

「 你有夢想嗎?」


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